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Parenting Magic is the perfect combination of love and knowledge. All the love in the world will not raise healthy, happy children. Just like all the knowledge in the world won’t if you don’t have a heart full of love.
With love comes the patience that children require. With love comes the dedication and willingness to put your child’s needs above your own. With love comes the ability to do what needs to be done long after your mind and body says quit.
Knowledge is just as important as love, because without it you are just guessing about what to do next. Since being a parent is one of the most important things you will ever do in your life, get the proper education. Would you go see a doctor who loves treating people but never went to school? Probably not. Would you feel comfortable with a doctor with all the right degrees but who hated people? Again, probably not. Parenting is the same. The best parents are the ones with the most love and knowledge.

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We care on our kids but do we act with love in heart?

While it would be very difficult, if not impossible, for a site like this to put love in your heart, we can help you with the knowledge.

Parenting knowledge covers a lot of territory and as long as you have kids there will be something else you need to learn.  When you bring your first baby home from the hospital you will need to know how and what to feed, how to bath and treat the rash and much, much more.  When your child is ready for college you will need to know how to make sure they get the education they deserve.

From babies first day, until they are out the door and on their own, you will have questions and hopefully seeking the knowledge to answer them.

At Parenting Magic we do a combination of providing knowledge and showing you where to find it on your own.  After all, what is knowledge?  It is the ability to find an answer to any question you, or your child, may have.  On this site we talk about many topics of interest to parents, or at least they should be.  We also show you where to further your knowledge on these topics.  We also give you the opportunity to share your knowledge with other parents.

As you spend some time browsing the pages of Parenting Magic I am sure you will find a lot of tips that do work like magic.  Good parenting is not about always being the bad guy just to keep your kids inline.  It is about making children want to be good on their own so you can enjoy being a good parent. 

This is a quick tip that truly does work like parenting magic.  If you want your child to do something use this simple procedure.  Ask – Tell – Promise   Start by asking your child to do something.  If you do not receive a favorable response tell the child to do it.  My way of telling the child is usually a stern “now” or sometimes just a certain look that means I am serious.    I seldom ever go beyond this request.   None of my children ever want me to promise them they will do something.  I never spank or mistreat my kids in any way but I do have ways, that will all be explained, to get my kids attention.  One of my major pet peeves is listening to a parent tell a child over and over again to do something.  A lot of times this ends in the parent giving up and the child winning the battle.  A parent must be an authority figure, you cannot lose battles.  A win – win situation is always best, but you cannot lose.  I enjoy being around my children. I seldom have to yell or get mad at them.  I believe that is what good parenting is all about.

Enjoy this site and I hope somewhere in these pages you find some answers or tips that may help you as a parent.  I also hope you will share your successes with me and my site visitors.  Helpful tips for raising brighter children are always welcome.